ESSENTIEL is the brain child of Ekaterina Litwinowa. Born in the Ukraine and educated in Florence, Ekaterina carefully honed her craft in Berlin as a product and interior designer before founding ESSENTIEL in (YEAR). As an Interior Designer, Ekaterina believes that Interior Design is a means of channelling a clients’ personality into functional, aesthetic spaces. An empty space tells a story, as does a client. Great Interior Design brings these stories together, adding a new chapter to the life of the space. At ESSENTIEL, we endeavour to make your space about you, while conserving its history and character.


With every project, we aim to create a functional, tangible representation of who you are and what you love and strive to channel this vision into your object. ESSENTIEL is about all things beautiful, but first and foremost, ESSENTIEL is about you.

what essentiel offers.

At ESSENTIEL, we offer a holistic solution to Interior Design. Together with you, we will conceptualize your space drawing from our extensive experience designing boutiques, clubs, shops, offices and private homes throughout Europe and will be there all the way to its realization.


Our services reflect our firm belief, that great Interior Design is born in the details. We work with a wide range of materials and fabrics, create custom colour concepts and collaborate with a team of carpenters to provide unique furnishing expertly crafted to match your spaces’ needs. We design lighting concepts as well as elegant electrical solutions and supervise the entire construction process. Be it kitchen, dining, showroom or bar, we will design floors, ceilings, surfaces and furnishings and realize the vision you have for your space.


At ESSENTIEL we can accompany you all the way, from the first floorplan right down to accessorizing your finished space. Together with you, we aim to create a space you will love, drawing from your vision and personality as well as the history of your space to realize our mission – truly great Interior Design.




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Ekaterina Litwinowa


Hohenzollernallee 17

40235 Düsseldorf


E-Mail: el@essenti-el.com


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Ekaterina Litwinowa

Hohenzollernallee 17

40235 Düsseldorf

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